Seven Days Before King Comes

Men know our names. Once they remember who were the Witches of the North, East, South and West. They remember also Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

Men know our deeds. Once the Church and the Kings put hunters at our large, but they didn’t catch us, they take under arrest, tortured and killed many innocent women and men, accused of heresy and witchcraft. Well, Church doesn’t like concurrence, but we have a lot of fathers, priests and monks in our meetings.

At the days when we celebrate Saturnalia, boys and girls look after us, feeling the blood calling as Jack and Jill once did.

I remember quite well. I was the favorite toad of Miss Trude.

In the first day, comes Jack, we buy his goat and he took five beans. It wasn’t easy to settle back the Cloud Giant to his home. Not enough, he robbed the Golden Goose and Humpty Hump feel from the bridge to save the village. Trude don’t know, but I deliver Jack to Old Nick and we didn’t hear about him anymore.

Then, in the second day, Jill appeared, looking for her brother. Judge me not, dear audience, because Jill grew up and all I thought was to be between her legs.

– Mister Frog, have you see my brother?

– Milady, I can’t say that because I am under a vowel of sigil.

– My, oh, my! Are you in the door, Jill?

– Yes, Miss Trude, sorry to bothering.

– No bothering at all. See, we are in Saturnalia and we are setting to the Day King Comes. Would you please help us?

Jill can’t deny that, Miss Trude always help everyone in the village. It’s not wise say no to Miss Trude.

– I can try, Miss Trude, but I am no good in this Craft.

– Nonsense. You couldn’t avenge your fathers against a witch if you aren’t good in Craft.

Then I found myself between two beauties, making arrangements to the Tide of the Season. That was busy days and I took any opportunity to be between their legs. They also ride over me many times, but who am I to claim?

We were set and ready, at the King’s Road, full of magic creatures, nature spirits, wizards and witches, in a big train to celebrate the Day King Comes. Then I heard this dialogue that only trained eyes [and ears] can understand.

-I saw something that frightened me.

-What did you see?

-I saw a black man on your steps.

-That was a charcoal burner.

-Then I saw a green man.

-That was a huntsman.

-Then I saw a blood-red man.

-That was a butcher.

– Miss Trude, I am seeing a man with a crown made of fire.

– Fear not, dear sister. He is our Lord. He was dead but now He is rising again.

[loud voice]- Come, My Children! Come, because I Am the Life and the Death, I Am the Winter and the Summer.

Forgive if I cry, dear audience. Because between the Children of the Crooked Path, this humble teller, the Bard Toad, yes, me, I am the most persecuted, renegade and rejected of the People of the Darkness. I cry since the first day I met them. My Lord is with His arms wide open even to me.

– Kids? The dinner is ready!

I turn my head and I see the One I love more than life. She is with the moon as Her crown and She is scouted by stars. She smiles and laugh because She knows how much I love Her and my body shows it in explicit ways.

[loud voice]- It’s been sometime you haven’t seen the Queen, isn’t it, Bard Toad?

[shamed]- Y… yes, My Lord.

[loud voice]- What are you waiting for? Hurry up! She misses you too. Fill Her with your seed!

Forgive, dear audience, but this is the King’s order and I can’t resist to Her smile.

Happy Summer Solstice, Happy Sol Invictus Day, Happy Mithra’s Day.


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